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T: 91 2764 268088 |marketing@zymoindia.com

Hair Care

Private label hair products at Zymo are always prepared with deep research by scientist team. Our expert team first analyzes all rival brands available in market and they suggest best solution to stay ahead in crowd. Further, we make sure that high quality raw materials have been used to prepare all of our cosmetic products that are 100 percent safe in use. Our well equipped lab further helps us in creating most amazing product line as per our industry needs and demands.

The use of most advance tools and technologies always make product manufacturing process easy and more efficient. Our products are not just attractive but their performance supports their popularity well. With great history of success, our private label hair products are exported in global market too. The best part is that all of our products can be availed at market leading prices.

  • Shampoo
    Hair Shampoo is a rinse off preparation to clean & condition human hairs and scalp for their health. We are specialized is in manufacturing various Hair Shampoos to best suite the market requirements...
  • Hair Oil
    Hair Oil is a classic and proven hair nutrient for human hair care for many centuries. We specialize in private label manufacturing and export of various Hair Oil Products to best suite the market...
  • Hair Conditioner
    Hair Conditioner is a rinse off preparation to condition human hairs and give them the bounce they deserve. Our speciality is in manufacturing various Hair Conditioners to best suite the market...
  • Hair Cream
    A range of Hair Creams for the benefit of your hairs. We are specialized in private label manufacturing or contract manufacturing and export of our Hair Cream. We are preparing hair creams for...
  • Hair Gel
    Hair Gels are known to nourish your hair without compromising the element of Style. We specialize in preparing hair gel formula under private label manufacturing basis based on various specifications...
  • Hair Serum / Lotion
    Hair Serum or Lotion are proved to nourish and condition human hairs while keeping hair non-sticky. Our speciality is in manufacturing various Hair Serum or Lotion Products to best suite the market...
  • Hair Fall Control
    Hair fall is a common problem that people face these days. We at Zymo has a full range of Hair Fall Control product formulas. We manufacture various hair fall control hair care products to best suite...
  • Dandruff Control
    Dandruff is the sign of unhealthy scalp and is becoming much common problem these days. We at Zymo has a full range of Dandruff Control products to prevent Dandruff. We manufacture various dandruff...

Private label hair products

Private label hair products by Zymo

Private label hair products are the best products which are available on our online sites and even on shops and these are available in most of the Asian countries.

Rinse off preparation to condition and clean the hairs and scalp for the betterment of health are special and featured products offered by the Zymo India private limited.

These are suited for all kinds of hairs and if you have rough and so shiny hairs so these products are beneficial for the growth and strength of your precious hairs.

Private label hair products

Hair conditioners, hair care shampoos, hair oils, hair care lotion, serum for hair care; creams based on oils or for oily hair scalp are some examples of our offered products.

Dandruff controlling is not possible with all general products but our products are sufficient for their uses. Our companies executives have improve their policies for better hair care products